Your questions answered

Why use the services of a Garden Designer?
Hiring the services of a Garden Designer has many benefits:
1. Save time and money
A Garden Designer will save you time and money by designing a garden that suits your budget and needs.
2. Long-term investment
A well-designed and built garden is a long-term investment that adds value to your property, and should you decide to move, increases the likelihood of a quick sale
3. Experience and knowledge
A professional garden designer will have the knowledge and experience to translate your brief into a realistic and imaginative garden.
4. Trained horticulturist
As a trained horticulturist from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew I have the experience to choose and place thoughtfully selected plants that best suit your garden
What is a typical garden design fee?
There is no typical garden design fee. Every garden is different, and every project is approached with your individual needs in mind. Each project is priced on how long Sam Crosfield Garden Design believes the work will take to complete. These considerations are not limited to, but might include:
  • The size of the garden

  • The scope of the project

  • The type of materials and size of the patio you choose

  • The cost of plants and/or mature specimens that you like

  • The reputable landscape contractor’s daily or hourly rate

For more details, please get in touch with Sam Crosfield Garden Design
Can we use our own contractors?
I am happy to work with any contractors as long as they are capable of building a complex garden and working to a plan.
I always advise clients to use dedicated landscape contractors rather than house builders. Landscapers specialise in building gardens and their experience is invaluable in getting a project completed accurately, sourcing quality materials and working to a budget.
Do you provide a project monitoring service?
Some clients prefer to take the plans and oversee the construction work themselves, but a project is always more successful if the designer is involved at all stages. However carefully detailed the plans are, mistakes and miscommunications can happen, and these are always more expensive to put right after the event. The designer can often pick up, communicate and resolve issues earlier on in the process, keeping the garden-build on time and within budget.