All year gardening tips

Every gardening enthusiast can successfully garden throughout the year with a little understanding of what makes each season unique and how to work with different seasonal conditions. 

My gardening guide provides you with a breakdown of seasonal conditions, planting tips and things to consider as you move from one season to the next. I’ll also help you learn about certain flowers that thrive in each season, so you can develop your own garden planting calendar.

Here’s an overview of different planting seasons and what factors to consider as you develop and grow your seasonal garden:

Spring: At this time of year, the ground warms up and becomes easier to dig. Spring gardening feels refreshing and energising as bulbs you’ve planted in Autumn or early winter start to come to life. This is also the right time to plant perennials and await their bursts of vibrant color as summer approaches. 

Summer: With the frost well behind you, annual flowering plants can now take hold in warmer ground conditions. With the stunning sight of summer flower bloom, this season  is arguably the time of year that gardeners wait for all year. With the right planting you can ensure that late summer plants provide a colorful array of flowers right into the autumn.

Autumn: This is the transition period that gives gardeners the opportunity to plan for early spring blooms. It’s also the right time for gardeners to start planting trees and shrubs that will eventually head into a dormant stage. It’s worth taking advantage of the autumn ground conditions, before the soil becomes too hard or waterlogged.

Winter: Gardening in winter is more about maintenance and care than actual planting. That’s because the soil becomes waterlogged or hardens, making it difficult for roots to absorb the right amount of nutrients they need. This is the season to focus on protecting your existing dormant plants, so you can enjoy the spring gardening season.

Follow my tips and tricks to maximize what each season can offer.